Born Phillip Flores March 25th 1983 in Northern California... Phil Flow grew up on the outskirts of St. Louis Missouri in the city of St. Peters. Finding a passion for music at a young age he decided to pursue a career in music at the age of 19. Starting a group with local friends developing talents with a local record company, while performing numerous shows in and around the city. Searching for the perfect sound that many independent artist's or producers would hope for. After many failed attempts to connect with group members and the label, he then decided to pursue a career on his own. Meticulously remaining focused unlike many around him that gave up on their own talents. Starting over in 2008 and then again in 2014, it has been nothing but hard work in achieving the goals of launching his very own independent record label '83 Beats LLC'. 


"Launching my debut single 'The Fly' under the new label in 2018, fans have been patiently awaiting my return. With fans in mind I have given it my all in the release. With hopes of being as welcomed and loved as my old fans are with the discovery of my new music,  I'm happy to announce my Debut Album dropping March 25th 2022!


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